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4-Day 💯GEDI®

The 4-Day 💯GEDI Program is an extraordinary, live program with top GEDI Guides.


💯GEDI is designed for transformation one week at a time. 

The truth is that life goes by in a blink. Before we’ve paused to ask the most important questions, life has already slipped by. Lifetime regrets from the dying are commonplace.


Disappointingly, our educational system did not prepare us or even train us for life success. Instead our education helped us get a job, improved our math and reading skills, educated us on esoteric subjects and perhaps taught us information for an occupation.


While a job may be important, it pales in comparison to the importance of our entire life. Our life is the most important thing we have, and what prepares us for that? How do we not have to struggle through our adult life just to succeed at it, because we weren't trained for it?


Whatever and wherever life has taken us to this point, imagine for a moment a different future...


...a future of extraordinary possibility — a life of exploration, adventure, deep intimate love, emotional growth, rewarding health, positive impact, and making a difference, not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones, our family, our friends, our network perhaps even our country, another country, or even the world.


Imagine instead a path of total measurable and “beyond measure” transformation, led by an uncommon group of extraordinary guides and leaders, rarely accessible to the public.


Ever Sunday, 60-90 minutes of insight, training and counsel, to help master critical habits, overcome challenges, start new meaningful initiatives, reduce wasteful efforts, master new reactions to expected and even unexpected events... 


..and then incrementally change, a week at time, FIFTY weeks in a year. 


Nothing less than the real possibility of a lifetime transformation


This is the 💯GEDI training program and the first time a program like this has ever been offered.


The goal is one focus — you -- your success, at your life. Incrementally train into new set of self leadership skills, attributes and character traits to help transform yourself and your world. Most importantly we can have a dramatic improvement in our relationships with the beloved people that surround us. 💯GEDI represents a new relationship we have with ourselves, others, and  the universe. 


Lasting transformation comes from the inside first.


We change our world, first by changing ourselves.


GEDI believe transformation takes time, is progressive, and builds on critical foundations acquired from extreme expertise, hard learned wisdom, repeated inspiration, habitual or massive initiative, and rehearsed situation-response training.


GEDI believe that while our education has helped us to get us where we are, our transformation is needed to get us where we want to go, to a place we never imagined possible.


💯GEDI is training for success in our beautiful game of life.


Born from Singularity University's Global Startup Program comes 💯GEDI, a new kind of leadership development program based on massive but incremental transformation.


The transformation is you.




💯GEDI is a 4 day program offered in varying countries around the world. 



💯GEDI training is led by 

Elite Combat Warriors

Human Performance Experts

Renowned Technology Physicians

World renowned Scientists

Business Disruption Thought-Leaders

Wealth Creation & Cryptocurrency Experts

Sages and Monks


and our World-Class Training Partners.

The program is for ordinary global citizens around the world and are eager to learn, can be honest with themselves and are open to change.


Our beliefs, values, habits, attributes and character traits have taken a lifetime to develop, and changing them takes time, persistence and perseverance.


Our program was designed to identify 50 of what the 💯GEDI team believe are the most important life changing habits, skills and insights and to showcase those at a manageable pace of one major insight and challenge each Sunday to start your week. 

One Year of Fifty 60-90 Minute Sessions every Sunday

Health, Energy and Longevity

  1. Advanced Medical Diagnostics and Early Detection

  2. Advanced Medical Treatments

  3. Lifetime Nutritional Excellence for energy, weight management, disease avoidance and longevity.

  4. Developing the Habit of Enjoyable Lifetime Daily Exercise:

  5. Sleep optimization, Supplementation and Rejuvenation

  6. Toxin Reduction and Ideal H2O

  7. Expanding Physical Limits: Endurance, Pain, Health Span

  8. The Healthy Mindset -- How our Mind Leads our Body


Human Performance and Attributes

  1. Daily Success

  2. Optimal vs. Peak Performance

  3. Becoming a Master of Uncertainty

  4. Exploring & Realizing your potential

  5. Deconstructing high performing teams and relationships

  6. Building high performing teams and relationships

  7. Leading in a high performing team

  8. Putting it all together in life and business


Wealth Creation, Retention and Appreciation

  1. Best Ways to Create Wealth

  2. Creating your Financial Plan

  3. Getting Wealthy vs. Staying Wealthy

  4. Wealth Psychology

  5. Appreciating Wealth

  6. Creating a Lifetime Income Plan

  7. Tax Planning and Strategies

  8. Lifetime plan to constantly measure & improve wealth



  1. Overview and Relationship 360 Assessment

  2. Get Out of Your Own Way

  3. Emotional Armor and Healing Brokenness

  4. Re-Romancing Intimacy

  5. Inspiring Teamwork Into Families

  6. Transformational Networks

  7. Recovering Lost Friendships to avoid the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

  8. Relationships: Good to Extraordinary


Happiness and Fulfillment

  1. Emotional intelligence and flexibility

  2. Living in awareness and be fully present

  3. Abundance in living and the gift of giving

  4. Directed meaning and focus

  5. Balance and Juggling in life

  6. Accessing happiness, joy, heart and soul

  7. Souls intuition and energy

  8. Mindful practices and celebrating life

*some sessions may be improved, changed or adapted as the program progresses

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