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 GEDI Live for Organizations 

GEDI Live is based on the premise that in order to truly drive positive change — whether inside an organization or in broader society — we must first master changing ourselves. 

GEDI Live is a customizable program, delivered virtually or in-person,  suitable for businesses, organizations, and governments. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of personal well-being and development and its interplay with workplace productivity and creativity.


The program bridges the gap between personal and professional development, with a Human Performance program that encompasses health and well-being, fostering different types of relationships, and overall life fulfillment. All of these areas, when mastered, significantly drive workplace productivity, creativity, morale, job satisfaction, innovation to accelerate organizational goals and success.


The journey is a transformational voyage filled with dynamic, interactive sessions led by exceptional GEDI Mentors — award winning leaders, elite combat warriors, human performance experts, world-class physicians, digital biologists, and others who bring a wealth of insights and experiences from their respective fields.


We give executives and their teams valuable access to these extraordinary thought leaders, who provide the tools, knowledge, and proven techniques to achieve transformation in the most effective ways.


GEDI Live training is typically ten, 60-90-minute sessions, that can be delivered in just two full days or spread over several days or weeks. Each program aims to meet your organizational needs and objectives. 



GEDI Human Performance Overview

The truth about Human Potential

Attributes vs Skills

Designing and executing on the Successful Day and Week

Health Mastery. Diagnostics, Medical technology, Exercise, Nutrition, advanced supplements and rest & recovery to improve energy, vitality, longevity and productivity. 

Relationship Mastery

Wealth Creation and Retention 

Fulfillment and Happiness

Self-Disruption and Global Impact

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