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GEDI CORE is the transformative experience of a lifetime.


What you learn in GEDI CORE

may very well make the difference


between life

or death

 between a lifetime with regrets

or a lifetime of sheer fulfillment

between an ordinary life

or an extraordinary life.

GEDI CORE transforms leaders

through breakthrough developments in

their skills, attributes and character.

CORE is a two year program

about a week each quarter

and is led by some of the most exceptional professionals in the world

from revered monks to the worlds most elite combat warriors

the spectrum of expertise is broad

from former SEALs, CIA, Top-Gun Fighter Pilots, or Astronauts...

to Olympic gold medalists, the world's top life coaches,

experts in human performance, psychology, and relationships

globally renowned scientists and longevity physicians

extreme wealth creation experts

and inspiring, lifetime-fulfillment gurus.


GEDI experiences are crafted

with meticulous detail and thought.

And hidden in the background of our programs,

is the development of extraordinary attributes.


No other program in the world offers

such exceptional talent, diversity, and relevance

towards the development of lifetime performance and success


The program cornerstones are health, wealth, relationships and fulfillment. 

At the core of this training

is the forging of key attributes and character traits

critical for the design, creation, and mastery

of a truly extra-ordinary life.

From Courage to Compassion and

Total Enlightenment All Included.

Big MRI.png

Medical Health & Diagnostics
Revolution Zero


Before training begins we start with some of the most advanced medical diagnostics:

Full Body MRIs,

Full Sequence DNAs,

extensive Blood Batteries,

Full Body Biomes,

wearable technology and

other life critical analyses.

We believe catching things early

can mean the difference between a rapid cure,

and long suffering or an unexpectedly early death

-- neither of which are particularly fun...

Health Week
Rev 1

CORE is a program with real risk and real danger -- you could die.


So starting with some of best emergency first aid and military grade "buddy care" is the beginning of a lifetime knowing you are more prepared should the worst ever happen to you, or someone you love.  Rev 1 makes possible that a neighbors or strangers UN-luckiest day, also becomes their luckiest, when a GEDI may save their life.  Some of our world-class instructors have been Emergency Room (ER) physicians, surgeons and high tech M.D.s. These critical skills could save the life of you or your beloved family members, friends, coworkers or your fellow GEDI. 

The GEDI Health Revolution has two primary lifetime goals: 

The first is to train you to master and love regular healthy exercise for the rest of your life and the second is to master extremely nutritious, sustainable, ethical eating for the rest of your life.

Next is training for a new mastery of sleep and recovery, selection of advanced supplements for improved performance and longevity,  toxin reduction, rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Health Week is the beginning of your new life and initiates the training necessary for you to enter what we call Ikigai Kokoro in Rev 7. Without this early revolution, and the months of the weekly habit of exercise, even making it into Rev 7 is unlikely.


Safety and Security
Rev 2

As quickly as GEDI Trainees learn to heal others,

they learn to injure others --

for the sole purpose of self defense

in extremely undesirable situations.

This is the week when living in helpless fear of others ends.

The training guides are rare,

deadly serious,

and deadly dangerous.

Regardless of your size, or prior martial art experience,

this training transforms you into a dangerous person

to dangerous people, with intent to harm, rape or maim.

This is not a martial art.

It is rarely every taught to civilians.

GEDI candidates learn these profound skills to deal with dangerous, psychopathic, even armed attackers.

The training leaves you transformed

and greatly increase your odds of defending yourself

against multiple simultaneous attackers,

greatly enhancing your safety,


any time

in the world.

Extreme Driving
Rev 3

 Data reveals that 1.35 million people

are killed on roadways around the world every year.

Road traffic crashes are a leading cause of death in the United States for people aged 1–54,

and they are the leading cause of nonnatural death

for U.S. citizens residing or traveling abroad.

The Defensive/Offensive Driving course is best in class and the same course used by the most elite Navy SEALs.

Becoming an expert driver, even in emergency situations, off road, in snow, low visibility, and in dangerous or threatening situations, greatly increases your chances of avoiding an accident or escaping a dangerous or deadly situation.

From bootlegger and J spin turns,

to high speed and off road maneuvers,

you will drive safer and more confidently

than many top movie stuntmen

increasing the likelihood that you and your vehicle's passengers

are safe in one of life's most common

but truly dangerous and life-threatening practices. 


Generous Relationships
Rev 4

Nothing gives life more meaning than our relationships.

GEDI believe mastery of relationships is mastery of life. 

Most likely you missed that course on extraordinary relationships.

GEDI focus on four types of relationships -

Romantic, Family, Friends and Networks.

The Relationship Rev addresses questions such as:

How must we change to be fully present with others?

How can we generously love others without expectations?

What character traits must we master in ourselves?

How can we build rapport and resolve conflict?

How can we build intimacy and master genuine authenticity? 

How do we move from armor, to vulnerability, to healing?

This is a week about courage,








and gratitude.

Real exercises, with the real people.

Romantic partners are invited and welcome.

Nothing changes our life more than

our new insights, beliefs, and values

in our relationships that lead to

new initiatives, habits and responses.  

Rev 5

Wealth Creation, Retention and Apprciation


Having wealth is not the same as

knowing how to create it. 

Having wealth is not the same as

having the skills of how not to lose it,

or worst forgetting how to appreciate it

or remembering why you wanted it in the first place.

Wealth creation is about creating true value,

beyond security,  for our life and our loved ones.

The Wealth Revolution provides training for

Wealth Creation, Retention and Appreciation

from top self-made millionaire guides 

who have both a passion and proven record to train (not just teach) others to create and retain wealth,

from portfolio management,

to asymmetric risk/rewards,

from stable industry disruption

to crypto-currency wallets, staking and Decentralized Finance.

The world of rapid wealth creation and retention

is a world of energy for the future

and abundance for love and positive impact. 


Happiness and Fulfillment
Rev 6

Imagine the rest of your life without any suffering -- no stress, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, depression...the list can be very long.


Humans are capable of living in two states in life -- one with suffering (more than 99.9999%) and the other free from suffering. Enlightenment is freedom from ALL forms of suffering.


GEDI partners with an extraordinary monastery, with true generational masters, monks, and gurus who have delivered on helping others to attain true enlightenment -- liberation from ALL forms of suffering. 


 Are we human beings with a spiritual experience

or spiritual beings with a human experience?

Fulfillment Week explores ideas

that can go beyond the easily understood.

The big whys of life are rarely answered by science or methodology. Fulfillment Week is a mystical experience of spirituality, consciousness, the mind, the brain and the heart.

Fulfillment Week is a period of deep reflection, challenge, inner discovery, spiritual revelation and an adoption of a beautiful state of mind.

Without hyperbole

The Fulfillment Revolution is Enlightenment

Rev 7

The true test of your Enlightenment is Ikigai.

Ikigai is partially modeled after

the U.S. Navy SEAL's Hell Week and led by former Navy Seals through our extraordinary Partner. 

Ikigai pushes every GEDI Trainee to their limits.

This is a rare opportunity to uncover the deepest levels

of who you truly are.

Regardless of entry fitness levels

GEDI are trained gradually for months ahead of time

(both during and in between Revolutions)

to the levels necessary for entry to Ikigai.

Ikigai helps inspire GEDI for their physical training

which is overseen by top physicians, physical trainers, and former elite combat proven Special Operators.

While GEDI Mentors can prepare you for the week, nothing can really prepare you for Ikigai.

It is a test where GEDI learn many of their key attributes and character traits, as their emotional armor is stripped off and challenge, uncertainty, and stress reveal how we show up

and the truth --

that we are all capable of accomplishing much more than we think

...and more than we have imagined. 

Flight school.png

Accelerated Flight School
Rev 8 + 9

This Special 2 Week Revolution is a proving ground

for the integration of GEDI CORE's

physical, mental, emotional, and attribute training.

Ground school progresses during the year before flight school as GEDI Trainees relearn to learn, study, focus, and master material. 

Incredibly GEDI Trainees learn to fly a plane solo in a single week (weather permitting)

and often get a full certified pilot license in just two.  

Experience has shown this method has higher success and safety rates than flight training performed over many months or years.

GEDI Trainees are not learning just to become pilots,

but to become the person that learns to be a pilot

and solos a plane in a single week.

Our instructors our best of class

and have some of the best training records in America.

Pilots think differently, and the skills of planning, checklists, communication, coordination, deconfliction, safety, risk avoidance, and self awareness are critical throughout other aspects of life.

The experience of piloting and soloing provides fundamental learning foundations to understanding real world analogous concepts, principles and attributes

and their applicability to success in life. 

Soloing in a week is also a milestone in identity transformation

and of course a recreational, practical and emergency skill

that can be benefited from throughout life. 

Rev 10

No sooner than you have learned to master a plane you are now being trained and asked to jump out of one.

HALO jumps are rare, extraordinary skydives with very specific equipment and permission requirements.

While some GEDI applicants do not initially believe they can perform a High Altitude Low Opening parachute jump,

by the time Rev 10 arrives

they are no longer the same person they were as when they started.

HALO jumping is a skill and a self proof point of 2 years of training.

HALO is a reminder that your identity has been transformed.



New applications open in Fall of 2024

Graduating from week 10 is the ultimate realization

that you are not the same person you were when you entered the program.

Your new potential and possibilities for the rest of your life will never be the same.

Upon successfully graduating, GEDI Trainees receive,

on probation for three years the GEDI badge and credentials

and coveted GEDI cloak.

Most GEDI will return to their former work as a new kind of leader,

others may choose deployments to internationally acclaimed organizations,

to positions of very high trust, diplomacy, or neutrality,

or take global impact assignments in locations on every continent. 

The GEDI CORE program is $75k/year for two years about a week each quarter (travel, lodging, and incidentals separate). 

Program Structure:

Two years with each quarter having one, sometimes two, week long Revolutions made of smaller Evolutions of training (training session with specific goals for insight, initiative, habit and response building, and character and attribute development).
CORE is designed for real world practice and application in your own life between Revolutions.

Admission to CORE is through a highly selective application process. Class sizes are strictly limited.


"GEDI changed my life. If such a program existed earlier I would have spent my whole life trying to get into it. A tool chest for life success"


"I realize now that the education I had in life was absurdly irrelevant. Health, wealth, relationships and enlightenment are the only things that matter in life -- reading and math were just ancillary skills".


'It was a privilege just to have conversations with GEDI Mentors, but to master life from these extraordinary human performers was magical, divine, and miraculous.'


'I don't need to ask what is the purpose of life anymore". 


'I love the vision of the GEDI:  move humanity forward, teach people character, give them mastery in critical areas, and release them to make a positive difference in the world!!!'


'All of my significant relationships changed including the one I have with myself. It is difficult to even use words to describe how I and my life have changed, but I am immensely grateful.'

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