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GEDI's Disruption Day (D-Day)

Designed for:

    CEOs and Executives


    Strategists and Consultants

    Technology Investors

    Government & Military Leaders

D-Day is currently offered only to select organizations whose missions are aligned with positive global impact. 

Please contact your GEDI Guide for scheduling. 


For the past 60 years, understanding Exponential Technology has been the single most valuable concept for business leaders. Knowing that the price/performance of computing would double annually, without fail, allowed those with this insight to make transformative decisions, leading to unparalleled success.


In the last 40 years, mastering the theory of disruptive innovation, became the new most valuable concept, and empowered leaders and entrepreneurs to disrupt entire industries or defend against disruptors, achieving remarkable success.


Over the next 20 years, the most crucial concept to grasp will be New Disruptive Theory (NDT). In a pre-publication exclusive, the discoverer and pioneer of NDT elucidates why the Theory of Disruptive Innovation overlooked the biggest disruptions of recent decades. NDT is poised to rapidly replace Disruptive Innovation Theory, giving business leaders unparalleled advantages in both defending against and initiating disruptions.


New Disruptive Theory offers a revolutionary framework for leaders to disrupt their own businesses—a risky but potentially highly rewarding transformation. The skill of self-disruption has led to the creation of some of the world's largest companies.

What to Expect on D-Day

Stable Industry Disruption
(Opening 60 min)

What Exactly is Exponential about Technology?
(Early-Morning 30 min)


Disruptive Innovation and New Disruptive Theory
(Late-Morning 90 min)

Business Self-Disruption
(Post Lunch 60 min)

Business Self-Disruption and Artificial Intelligence
(Afternoon Keynote 120 min)

  • Challenging Stability: We begin by examining how seemingly stable businesses and industries may not be as secure as believed. By revisiting historical disruptions, we illustrate the elusive nature of stability, removing any certainty any business leader may have that their industry or business is stable, and opening up they minds to new thinking. 

  • Exponential Technology: We delve into the concept of what exactly is exponential about technology and its profound implications. Using the Energy industry  (if time Medicine & Health Care) as a case study, we explore the future impact of even a single startup leveraging exponential technology and how these insights can revolutionize decision-making.

  • Disruptive Innovation Theory (DIT): A foundational overview of Clay Christensen’s theory, ensuring all participants have a solid understanding of disruptive innovation and its limitations.

  • New Disruptive Theory (NDT): Introducing NDT, elucidating why it captures the biggest disruptions missed by previous theories. 

  • Disruptive or Not?  How to distinguish between truly disruptive and merely revolutionary innovations. This is a critical skill in assessing threats, new products or services, and new investment opportunities or acquisition/merger opportunities.

  • Exponential Business Disruptions: Practical application of our newly learned knowledge and abilities, this is a tests our new skills on potentially revolutionary or disruptive new startups providing insights for tech investment, potential mergers & acquisitions, and strategic decision-making.

  • Business Self-Disruption: We explore the high-risk, high-reward strategy of self-disruption, with real-world examples of businesses that have achieved 40x or 400x exponential growth from DIT or NDT.

  • Exponential Disruption and AI: Understanding the paradigm shift when exponential technology meets disruption, leading into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence. This touches on how LLMs really work and AI's Impact: Forecasting AI's profound disruption on the paradigm of business and customer interactions

  • Humanity's Challenge: The day peaks with an understanding of humanity’s greatest challenge in the midst of AI assisted advancement, the problem of bystanders, the limitation of moonshot thinking, problems vs possibilities, exponential leadership, the limits of human potential, skills versus leadership attributes, and the hidden power of courage combined with compassion. 

Disrupting Ourselves
(Closing 60 min):

  • Personal Self-Disruption: We conclude the day by exploring self-disruption and the most significant personal transformation any leader can undertake, which puts an end to poor decision-making. We discuss the true nature of decisions made from suffering states and a path to total enlightenment. Ending with the future of human evolution. 

  • Reflection and Commitment: Sharing final thoughts, gratitude, and life commitments.

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