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The 💯GEDI Program is an extraordinary live virtual program every Sunday for 90 minutes with the top GEDI Leaders, Trainers and Speakers and designed for total transformation one week at a time.  



“Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter.” said Francis Chan, warning us of the dangers of succeeding in life but a the wrong things.


Life goes by in a blink. Before we’ve paused to ask the most important questions, life just slipped by. Lifetime regrets from the dying are all too common.


Disappointingly, our educational system also did not train us for life success, but instead often just to help us get a job, do obscure math, read a little better, educate us on esoteric subjects or teach us information helpful for a particular occupation.


While a job may be important, it pales in comparison to the importance of our whole life. Isn’t our life the most important thing we really have?


Whatever and wherever life has taken us to this point, imagine for a moment a different future...


A future of extraordinary possibility — a life of exploration, adventure, deep intimate love, emotional growth, rewarding health, positive impact, and making a difference, not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones, our family, our friends, our network perhaps our country or the world.


Imagine instead a path of total measurable and “beyond measure” transformation, led by an uncommon extraordinary group of leaders, rarely accessible to the public.


90 minutes of weekly training every Sunday, with a specific habit, challenge, initiative or new reaction to master, incrementally each week, compounding for 50 weeks in the year.


Nothing less than the real possibility of a lifetime transformation.


This is the 💯GEDI program and the first time a program like this has every been offered.


The goal is one focus — success at life. A new set of self leadership skills, attributes and character traits to help transform ourselves, and the relationships we have with the beloved people around us.


Transformation from the inside first. We change our world, first by changing ourselves.


GEDI believe transformation takes time, is progressive, and builds on critical foundations supported from extreme expertise, learned wisdom, inspiration, initiative, habits, and response training.


GEDI believe that while our education has helped us to get us where we are, our transformation is needed to get us where we want to go, or to a place we never imagined possible.


💯GEDI is training for success at our beautiful game of life.


Like all things everything is hard, before it is easy — so life can be mastered too.


Born from the Global Startup Program at Singularity University, a new kind of educational institution where people learn to solve the world’s greatest problems to positively impact a billion people, comes 💯GEDI, a new kind of leadership development program for life transformation.


The transformation is you and the beloved people and world around you.




💯GEDI is a LIVE weekly program, FIFTY (50) weeks long, with some of the best and newest life success training available. Every Sunday at 13:15 EST (10:15 PST and 19:15 CET)




GEDI training is led by some of the most Elite Combat Warriors, Human Performance Experts, Renowned Technology Physicians, the most recognized Digital Biology Scientists, Disruptive Business Leaders, Wealth Creation & Cryptocurrency experts, experienced Sages, and World-Class Training Partners.




We’ve learned the hard way that a single seminar can only change so much in us. Our beliefs, values, habits, attributes and character traits have taken a lifetime to develop, and changing them takes time. Our program was designed to identify 50 of what the GEDI team believe are the most important life changing habits, skills and insights and to showcase those at a manageable pace of one each Sunday.

Weekly Content

$99 One Season
  -- of Weekly 90 Minute GEDI Trainings for 10 successive Weeks.

$298 One Year
  -- One Year of Weekly 90 Minute Live Online GEDI Trainings (50 Weeks total).

$1,500 One Year + Interactive Session w/GEDI Leader of the Week
    -- One Year of Weekly 90 Minute Live Online GEDI Trainings (50 Weeks total)
    -- PLUS Live Interactive Weekly 1 Hour Group Sessions with the week's GEDI Leader for questions, discussion and feedback.
    -- Also includes access to recordings of past sessions during each season of your membership.

$8,000 One Year + Interactive Weekly Session + 4 Day Executive Program

  -- Includes 4-Day in Person GEDI Executive Event in the third week of October 2021 in the United States

$150,000 (2 years at $75K per year) Ultimate GEDI CORE Program + Includes all of the Above

  -- See the GEDI CORE Leadership Development and Life Success Training Program

  -- This is a limited time only special to include all of the above

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